atellite WiFi: Supporting Small Business 2020

Satellite WiFi is a start-up, small business dedicated to providing its users with a quality service and product. We provide residential and business customers with affordable packages that expands the reach and scope of your Wi-Fi throughout your home and business.

Our business is strengthened and strengthens local small business throughout the UK. It’s important now more than ever to shop local, get services locally, while also having access to the global market and communication networks.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of working with small local businesses and where Satellite WiFi fits in.

Enjoy Better Customer Service with a Small Business

Most local businesses are small and medium-sized. These are our local stores, post offices, restaurants, and bars where everybody knows everybody. We, just like you, find employees here are a hundred times more likely to pay attention to your preferences, address your concerns, and recognize your value to the business as compared to those important shopping joints you might love.

Getting personalized customer service is an essential benefit you get from a local business. It is delivered to you out of the will to earn your loyalty, as well as the zeal to create rapport and a spirit of community between you and the business owner. Everyone, including businesses, love and enjoy the company of neighbours.

At Satellite WiFi we understand the importance of great communication and customer service. That is why we are always on call to answer your queries and questions.

Creation of Employment Opportunities 

Rural areas throughout Scotland have always experienced fluctuating populations. Local business help keep young people around and having great internet access allows for new businesses to be generated. Call centres, delivery depots, IT workshops can all easily flourish in rural Scotland. 

It’s important to support businesses that are there now so more businesses opportunities can be created in the future

Most small and medium businesses will look for staff locally, benefiting the economy and employment opportunities. 

Satellite Wi-fi is proud to help by providing fast and reliable internet to businesses and homes throughout Scotland.

Creation of Opportunities for Small Businesses

There are many businesses which have benefitted by staying local and accessing the wider world through the internet. Tourism, hospitality, and small crafts are just some examples of businesses that have flourished in Scotland due to locals taking advantage of the internet and the opportunities it provides.

Satellite WiFi gives small business owners the ability to expand their network and business opportunities to the wider world.

It’s also a great way for those who simply want to show off their local area and what it has to offer.

Knock-on Effects

There are numerous knocks on effects from a healthy business in your area. Successful businesses will need good supply networks, transport, marketing, and expansion opportunities all of which can lead to more business in the area.

Tourist locations will need guides, vehicles to transport visitors and places to eat and rest. Burgeoning small business is not just self-serving which is why it’s important to keep finances local more than ever.

Satellite WiFi has WiFi packages that suit any budget, and they are available both for homes and businesses. 

If you are a small business, looking to upgrade your broadband see our packages below. Call us today to see what package can fulfill your specific business needs.

Satellite WiFi Packages

Promoting Local Businesses

Generally, promoting local businesses means you are an active participant in the local economy, and the benefits will always be surprisingly tremendous. A healthy competitive environment, better infrastructure, and improved community culture will be the primary benefits you reap from promoting local business. 

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