Satellite WiFi - Now Connecting Rural Britain

Satellite broadband provides 100% connectivity, no matter where you live and regardless of any hill, tree and other land masses that have previously blocked your broadband connection.

Scotland has some of the worst broadband speeds in the UK. Orkey has the worst speeds in the UK at 3mbps, followed by the Shetland Islands (6.7Mbps), Argyll and Bute (7Mbps) and Moray (7.1Mbps).

However the speed gap is not just between rural and urban areas, but connections can often be weak in urban areas. In Scotland the digital divide exists between suburbs and the inner city.

To find out your wifi speed with a broadband test here:

Those living in rural areas often do not have the existing infrastructure for cable and DSL internet, making satellite broadband a better option.

SatelliteWiFi are now offering 100Mbps with our affordable packages to customers across rural and highland areas of Scotland. These packages provide free installation and no fees due until 2021.

These packages are offered this through our partner Konnect. Konnect is a new venture by Eutelsat after acquiring Big Blu, who have set up satellite beams across Europe, including several across Scotland. They are operating through Eutelsat Konnect satellite located 36,000 km from Earth. 

Now households who otherwise have no internet connection are being offered 100% connectivity. Satellite broadband in the past has been a niche, expensive product. However Konnect is bringing satellite to the mainstream market, as it is widely being distributed across Scotland.

How does Satellite Broadband work?

Satellite broadband is set up in our home through the installation of a satellite dish, using satellite technology, instead of phone lines or fibre optic cables. No connection to any infrastructure is required, as the dish mounted to your house beams up to the satellite above the equator and back down to your house. 

Why Satellite WiFi? 

Superfast Broadband

A new satellite technology delivering speeds of up to 100Mbps  

100% Coverage across the UK

No matter where you live, whether unconnected or underserved, we reach everywhere

Competitively Priced

Satellite broadband from just £29.99 per month, including kit with a lifetime warranty and free, professional installation

Simple to Subscribe & easy to use

We take care of everything, managing every step along the way, to supply an easy-to-use service

Support & Assistance

No matter where you live, we’re here to help, whether through our customer service or through our digital tools