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I am with Satellite WiFi for over 2 months now and am delighted with the service. My download speeds are 30 times faster than they were with everything I have tried. When I had a few problems with my speeds, the staff worked hard to fix by connection! Although they only provide satellite broadband they have a good range of options and wifi extenders that reach all the way to my attic. ~ Irene
Brilliant from start to finished! I was very impressed with the efficiency of the Satellite WiFi staff and how easy the process was. Would highly recommend. ~ Laurens
Never thought satellite wifi would be an option for us, but the whole process was very simple! It was less expensive than I would have expected and the installation was completely free.  I expected there to be some sort of loop whole, but I only had to pay the £49 set up fee and that was it. Satellite WiFi have really nailed it! With a big family and three teens the house we haven’t experienced any lag. ~ Nicola
I was considering getting satellite for some time, fed up with sky fibre! I rang to see what satellite wifi were offering and was pleasantly surprised by the patient staff who explained how satellite works and went through the whole process of installing the satellite to my roof. It has been working great for me ever since! Very fast! ~ Noel
I feel very lucky to have found satellite wifi as no other broadband ever seems to work in our area. It was my only option with working from home. I live just outside of Inverness and there is absolutely nothing in terms of good broadband or fibre in my area! I have recommended it to family who are also very happy with it as well. Very reliable! ~ Declan

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